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Campus Compact is a national coalition of nearly 1,100 colleges and universities committed to the public purposes of higher education. We are a network comprising a national office and state and regional Compacts throughout the country. As the only national higher education association dedicated solely to campus-based civic engagement, Campus Compact enables campuses to develop students’ citizenship skills and forge effective community partnerships. Our resources support faculty and staff as they pursue community-based teaching and scholarship in the service of positive change.
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The Community Engagement Professional in Higher Education Lina D. Dostilio
"This book illuminates important work of thinly acknowledged citizens of academe - Community Engaged Professionals. It advances the movement for publicly engaged scholarship giving voice to their person, place and purpose in Academe with myriad inflections beyond campus borders. Couched in a conceptually
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- Timothy Eatman, Associate Professor, Syracuse University, Director for Research for Imagining America (IA)
Students as Colleagues Edward Zlotkowski, Nicholas V. Longo, James R. Williams
Students as Colleagues is a stunning testament to the rich educational value that student expertise and leadership can bring to the civically engaged classroom. It is not a step-by-step guide to replicating the programs it describes, but a source of ideas and inspiration for students, faculty,
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- Stephanie Raill, student, Macalester College